Week One Speakers

Genuine Lam, Co-Founder & CEO, Light of Life Development


Genuine is the Co-Founder of Light of Life Developments, a multi-faceted real estate company based in Toronto, Canada that specializes in land and project acquisition, sales and marketing, property management and also syndication of private equity for numerous real estate projects in Toronto. While most of the projects Genuine has successfully overseen are in Toronto, he has also been successfully involved in projects spanning the west to east coast - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Alberta, and also Montreal, Quebec. Before starting his company, Genuine played a key role as the person opening up the Asian investor market for Walton International Group, a Bay Street Land Banking company that specializes in syndicating private equity for development land in Canadian provinces such as Alberta, Ontario, and also Texas and Florida USA.

Genuine is also a Director of Boom Wealth Investments, a Shanghai-based investment firm specializing in structuring Joint Ventures and Private Equity partnerships in Canadian Real Estate projects.

Genuine was a two year co-chair for the Greater Toronto United Way Blossom Ball, one of the largest fundraisers in the city. He is also the director and co-founder of the Solomon Christian Business Association. He is involved in many other charitable causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Cherish Integrated Services and particularly the Logos Baptist Church (York Region), all in leadership positions. Born and raised in Hong Kong, and having lived in Toronto just as long now, he holds strong ties to both Chinese and Canadian cultures: his aesthetic sense and eclectic taste reflects as such. He can be found chasing a poutine down with a cup of Hong Kong Milk Tea. With strong passion in design and photography, and a love of jazz and soul music, Genuine often looks for opportunities to immerse himself in new sights and sounds. 

Victor Dang, Campus Staff, Athletes In Action

I can assure you that its all about Jesus Christ and making much of Him.

However in brief, I was a twenty-six year old young man when I started this and after two years of faithfully trying to make Jesus known in Toronto on the university campuses, I am praying to continue impacting this city for as long as the Lord wills.  Up until two years ago, I had no idea what my gifts and strengths were, no clarity on what I wanted to do with my life, and no motivation to pursue anything new.  I knew this however, that I have a deep passion for my faith and a deep love for people.  I stepped into a ministry role with Athletes in Action two years ago where I got to proclaim Jesus, share faith with others, in still hope, and daily live out love in a world with a lack of it.

I am blessed to have you here with me and I absolutely look forward to getting to know each one of you!

I am called to work with students and athletes on the University level at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University and Bishops University; helping students discover Jesus, experiencing a Spirit filled life and creating an environment of spiritual multiplication. My heart is also used by God specifically to grow current student athlete believers into God centred individuals that will use their platforms for the glory of God and not themselves.