In His Great Commission, Jesus called us to make disciples of the world. Our missions ministry is dedicated to this calling, and as such, we participate in many short-term missions trips both locally and internationally, and support other churches in their mission fields. In the past, we have taken part in the English Camp of Panama and ran a children's camp in Northern Quebec in the First Nations reserves. We look forward to sending forth more teams wherever God may call us, and supporting those who continue to do His great work.


Not only are we aware of the world around us, we truly care about those within our community. The caring ministry aims to provide visitors and the regular attending members of our church with a sense of welcoming fellowship. "For where two or three gather, there am I with them,"Matthew 18:20. The caring ministry has hosted passionate worship nights, reflective prayer nights, and even festive graduation events to celebrate the high school and university students who have completed their tenure.


Leading the congregation each week in worship is a privilege and a significant responsibility. Our worship teams aim to glorify God through our music and be His instrument in bringing others to praise Him earnestly. In this ministry, we emphasize a serving heart as well as team unity. We welcome those who are interested to join; the only requirements being that they be a true follower and believer of Jesus Christ, and regularly attend Logos Baptist Church (York Region).