What's new everyone? 2018 is already rolling and there's no stopping this train. We are so excited to have you on board, and we can't wait to see where we end up.

Here's a look ahead at our sermon series from January to April...


January Mini Series

Built Upon...


Jesus calls us to community, but what kind of community does He call us to? Come join us in January as we explore this idea through the book of Matthew Chapters 17-18; We are desperate to be in a community of faith, love and forgiveness.

February Mini-Series


of the Heart

It's that month again... a month where anticipation, joy, sadness and heartbreak all come crashing together in a glorious explosion of heart-wrenching emotions. Whether you call it "Valentine's Day" or "Single Awareness Day" this month is full of feels, and we'd like to explore what that really means - what do our HEARTS truly DESIRE? Snuggle up and get cozy, it's going to be a good one!

March Mini-Series

Adulting, Money, & You

So, we're supposed to file our taxes this month. Do we even know how to do that? Well, some of us do, but I'd wager most of us don't. That's okay, because that's part of Adulting. In this month of March, let's explore what God has to say about handling our finances, and getting our priorities straight. It's time we make some "cents" out of this money thing.

April Mini-Series

Authentic Followers of Christ


How real is our faith? I mean really, how REAL is it? Are we the genuine article, or a sleezy kinda knock-off where you look aite from afar, but up close... ehhhh? Join us this April as we look into the book of Ephesians to explore what it truly takes to follow Christ. Let's figure out what it really means to be an AUTHENTIC follower of Christ. (fire emoji), (fire emoji), (fire emoji).

Hope to see you all out there. Let's go!