On this Good Friday, Logos Baptist Church (York Region), together with our friends and family, gathered to learn of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. It tells a tale of betrayal, of injustice, of sorrow and blood: this is the story of how death begets life, for it is the VICTORY of Christ that promises eternal life to His believers. Following Pastor Johnny Cheung's message, which took us through passages in the book of Matthew that detailed the penultimate act of Jesus' time on earth, we were encouraged to write down some prayer requests or praise to our God in response. In Jesus' surrender of His will, His authority, and His spirit, He became victorious. What do you have to give up today, so that you, too, may live in this salvation?

Hope the assets can encourage you for your next Good Friday Service!

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Intro Video - I See His Blood Upon The Rose

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