The Logos Learning Community (LLC) is our take on the traditional Sunday school. Each season, new topics are introduced and classes formed based on interest. LLC aims to provide Christians with a richer understanding of their beliefs and to further develop more well-rounded, critically-thinking believers by promoting a safe, non-judgmental environment of open discussion. The format of LLC evolves and grows with the church. In the past, we have explored book studies, and discussed topics such as Christian ethics, apologetics, and spiritual warfare.


As our congregation grows, we have seen the need for support for young families from their church family. The main focus of our family ministry is providing love and support to the family as one unit, and helping each member to relate to each other in a caring and God-centered way. We aim to help families mature so that their faith in Christ, as well as their familial bonds, will grow day by day.


Bringing up our children in the knowledge and security of God's love is a priority here at Logos. We have children's classes in which they learn bible stories and sing entertaining songs aimed to teach them more about the character of Jesus Christ. As they grow, the children come into contact with more complex concepts regarding their faith. When they enter their preteen years, they join the English congregation in worship before attending a service specifically catered for their age and maturity level.


Numa is our youth fellowship, intended for those in middle and high school (gr. 7-12). Our counselors together with a democratically elected council of fellowship members, lead the youth in growth in Christ through bible studies, as well as fun activities and excursions. Numa aims to promote growth and leadership, particularly in the context of church and spiritual maturity.


The Young Adults Group is our university and young careers fellowship, intended for those who are currently pursuing post-secondary studies, as well as those who have recently entered the workforce. Our equally democratically elected council seeks to lead the young adults in finding their own place in the community, whether it be an educational institution, the workplaces, or most importantly, the church, by first rooting their identity in the love of Christ. This group aims to foster a strong sense of support and belonging in each member.


Our women's group is a loving community of supportive and caring ladies who meet twice a month. This ministry welcomes ladies from all walks of life to gather in a safe, non-judgmental environment full of others who understand the joys and struggles in becoming a woman of God. We support each other in our growth and maturation in Christ through studying His word, and we love and enjoy each other's company through sharing meals and social nights. Whether you are a fresh grad, established career woman, mother, daughter, sister, married, or single, join us, for you are welcomed and loved.


Our men's group is a community whose aim is to provide love and support for each other in a safe and non-judgmental environment. We seek to be real in our interactions with each other so as to give and receive genuine support and build deeper friendships. We ground our relationships in the love of God and aim to be more Christ-like in all our endeavours, so that we may glorify Him as true men of God. All men are welcome, but leave your small talk outside.

We invite you to contact us for more information about our community

Additional groups conducted in Chinese Cantonese and Mandarin are also available through our Chinese language congregations