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Discussion Questions For LLC - Rain

April 17, 2016

Nooma - Rain

  • What are some of the storms in your life? Is it raining now?
  • Do you think God intentionally puts us through trials?
  • Isn’t there an easier way for us to learn?


  • Have you ever felt like God failed to come through for you?
  • Looking back, do you still feel the same?


  • Do you ever act like everything is okay even when it isn’t?
  • Why do we do this?


  • What does your junk look like?
  • Is it stopping you from crying out to God?


  • Do you have anyone in your life that you would do anything for?


  • When you’re going through really hard times and everything seems hopeless, do you still trust that God knows the way and that you’re going to make it?

LLC Classes Description

LLC Classes Description

LLC classes will be beginning this March. It is our hope that these classes will help you learn more about God and nurture the desire and curiosity to know Him better. Each class has audio, visual and interactive components which are meant to encourage active learning and meaningful discussions among you. If you have any questions about any of the courses or suggestions for future courses, please let me know!