Church Anniversary Celebration: Do you appreciate all the work that your brothers and sisters in Christ put into this church? It's time to thank those that pour their lives and hearts into this church! Cast your votes for your congregations "secret angel", someone who serves selflessly and doesn't ask for any acclaim. Instructions will be provided shortly.

Homeless Connect: For those that did NOT sign up yet. TODAY IS YOUR LAST CHANCE. Once sign up is completed, please contact ChiroKev so we know who is going. You can sign up directly here: PLEASE tell your friends to sign up for those that cannot attend service this morning.

What's Happening at Logos this week?
ECDC Meeting: Wednesday Sept 14, 8pm @ Odette's House
Men's Group: Thursday Sept 15, 7:30p @ Light Of Life Developments
Women's Group: Thursday September 15, 7:30p
Numa: Friday September 16, 7:30p @ Oxford