Village Eulogia: Calling for volunteers to help out with this camp for special needs children and their families! VE is looking for Camp Counsellors who will spend one-on-one time with a camper throughout the camp, and RNs or Nursing Students to be involved with this year's camp. Please speak to Adrian Chan if you are interested or have a heart for this opportunity!

2017-2018 Nomination Committee: Please note there is a meeting for the English Nomination Committee next Sunday, 2:30p @ the Lau's. There is a full committee meeting today but we have been given conditional exemption if we attend next week's, to give us more time to prayerfully consider nominations for our leaders in the coming term.

What's happening at Logos this week?
Nomination Committee: Meeting TODAY July 24, 2:30p @ the Lau's
Men's Group: Thursday July 28, 8p
Women's Group: Thursday July 28, 8p
Numa: Bible Study Friday July 29, 7:30p @ Noah's Ark
Nomination Committee: English Meeting Sunday July 31, 2:30p @ the Lau's