2017-2018 Nominations: The 2-year term of our church council, deacon board, and ECDC is coming to an end, and we will be holding a nomination process to identify and confirm next term's candidates. Now that the English Congregation has reached a membership of 50+, we can contribute to the nomination process by electing two congregational representatives to join the nomination committee. This committee is made of pastoral staff, deacon board, 2 ECDC members, and 2 congregational reps. Today we will be casting our vote for these reps. They are responsible for nominating members of the congregation to each position available on the church council, and ECDC. 

Baptism: If you are interested in taking the next step in your faith journey, please speak to a member of the pastoral staff. We will be holding our semi-annual baptism on October 2, 4p @ Oxford. Please sign up by August 21. 

Church Picnic: Logos Baptist Church (York Region) goes to Balls Falls! For the low price of $12 ($8 for kids in gr.8 and below, seniors, and newcomer friends!), we get to enjoy: parking! lunch! nature! games! hiking! The picnic will last from 9a-4p, and all are welcome to come! Please sign up with Odette by next Sunday July 17! We're gonna have a ball at Balls Falls!

What's happening at Logos this week?
Women's Group: Thursday July 14, 8p
Men's Group: Thursday July 14, 8p
Numa: Bible Study Friday July 15, 7:30p
Church Picnic: Sign Up Deadline Sunday July 17!