Men's Group: We'll be celebrating the long weekend with a feast at Kobi Korean BBQ, 7:30p this Thursday! Fireworks may happen afterwards!

Numa: This week's Numa will be cancelled since it's Canada Day! 

Church Picnic: Please sign up with Odette - $12 for adults and $8 for kids in gr8 and below. This fee will include: parking! entrance! lunch! interactive activities! Bragging rights that your church went to Balls Falls!! See y'all at Balls Falls on Saturday July 23, Logos! 

What's happening at Logos this week?
Men's Group: Dinner Thursday June 30, 7:30p @ Kobi Korean BBQ
Women's Group: Thursday June 30, 8p @ TBA
Numa: cancelled
Canada Day: Friday July 1! Happy birthday Canada!