Spring Conference 2016: Thanks for a great weekend at Mohawk, for all those who were able to attend! If you couldn't, no worries - there's always next year! We are still collecting offering but this will be the last week. If you wish to contribute, please use an offering envelope and write "Spring Camp" in the Other category. Currently, we are still about ~$2,000 short of our projected budget.

SC Evaluation Meeting: For those who were on the planning committee for Spring Conference, please note that we will be having an evaluation meeting NEXT SUNDAY JUNE 5, 2:30p @ the Lau's. We strongly encourage all who were part of this group to attend, as we will be discussing what was great at this year's SC, or what needs improvement in anticipation of next year. If you are unable to attend, please speak to Odette

What's Next? A new series to begin this month, What's Next? addresses some of the concerns that young adults may have. Meeting once a month on every second Saturday, guest speakers will be sharing and discussing with us their experience. For those who are seeking direction, who wish to learn more about what's coming up next in their lives, we invite you to join us for the inaugural session kicking off on June 11! For more information, please visit english.yorklbc.org/whatsnext.

Outreach Night: On June 25, we will be partnering with Logos Calvary to present an awesome night of outreach and music, featuring Matt Davoodi, a Christian rapper who goes by Wayside. We encourage you to invite your friends to Oxford that night for this outreach!

For those who are passionate about music (and I know there are quite a few of us here!), we have been asked to be Matt's opening act. If you are interested, musical acts are welcome, and we would love to showcase you! Please sign up with your name (or group) and what you wish to perform.

As the hosting church, we have also been asked to contribute to hospitality for this night, so we are calling for volunteers for that night! Please speak to Odette or Kenny if you wish to be a part of this outreach program!