Prayer Café: For those who wish to join us for prayer and a time of community in the week, we welcome you at our Prayer Café on Tuesday May 3, 8p @ the Lau's, where you can get a great mug of tea in addition to the great company! This is a great time for us to enter into the presence of God early in the week, as well as be a part of each other's lives. If you are unable to join us at this time, please feel free to: 

  1. Submit any prayer requests through our online form right here on our website.
  2. Email any requests to lbcyr.prayercafe@gmail.com.
  3. Write your request on our Facebook Page.

Mothers Day: Next week is Mothers Day! How will you be celebrating your moms?

AGM: Please note we will be holding our Annual General Meeting NEXT WEEEK after service. We encourage everyone to attend, because this meeting gives us a chance to know more about the church we call Home. Hope to see you there!

LOVE: Numa is proud to present LOVE, a coffeehouse, together with Katalyst, the Logos Milliken high school fellowship! This Friday, May 6, we will be going to Logos Milliken to enjoy some sharing, music, and delicious snacks! Please pick up some invitations from the Welcome Table and invite your friends to join us!

What's happening at Logos this week?
Hillsong Concert! Monday May 2 @ ACC
Prayer Café: Tuesday May 3, 8p @ the Lau's
Numa: LOVE Coffeehouse Friday May 6, 7:30p @ Logos Milliken
Mothers Day: Next Sunday May 8!
AGM: Next Sunday May 8, after service