SC'16: LAST CHANCE! Sign up for SC TODAY! Please visit the Welcome Table to fill out a form or electronically register today if you haven't already! 

As of this week...
Sign up: 60
Registration fees: $2,620
Offering: $1,660

Welcome Lunch: For newcomers who have begun attending Logos in the past 6 months, we would love to invite you to a lunch TODAY, 1:30p @ Rev. Lau's home! Come meet our pastoral staff, and get to learn all about Logos and its mission in York Region and God's kingdom!

Young Family Group: We're meeting this afternoon, 4-6p @ Rev. Lau's home! See you there, married/engaged couples!

30 Hour Famine: This Friday at Numa, we will be participating in 30 Hour Famine! Please start fasting in the morning on your own, and we will gather in the evening to hold a sleepover and complete our fast! We will be doing a variety of fun activities in addition to our usual fellowship time. In the morning, on Saturday April 30, we will break our fast together with breakfast! 

Annual General Meeting: Please note we will be holding our Church's AGM on May 8 after service. Even if you are not an "official" card-carrying member of Logos YR (just kidding, we don't have cards), we welcome all regular attendees to attend, because this is a chance for us to know more about the church we call Home. We encourage all those who care for this church to attend and understand more about what this community has been doing and has need of. Hope to see you there!

Heart & Stroke - Ride for Heart: If you love biking, or are committed to research for cardiovascular health, we invite you to join our team Logos Icebergs as we ride for heart this June 5. In preparation for this event, and in order to get to know our team members a little better, we are all invited to participate in informal bike rides this afternoonMay 7, and May 14. Note: you do not need to participate in the fundraising to join these fun rides. Please speak to Johnny Fung on the Chinese side for more information if you wish to join!

What's happening at Logos this week?
SC'16: Registration Deadline! TODAY APRIL 24, AT THE END OF SERVICE!
Welcome Lunch: TODAY APRIL 24, 1:30p @ Rev. Lau's home
Young Family Group: TODAY APRIL 24, 4-6p @ Rev. Lau's home
Ride for Heart: Fun ride TODAY APRIL 24
Wo/Men's Groups: Thursday April 28, 7:30p @ TBA
Numa: 30 Hour Famine sleepover! Friday April 29, 7:30p @ Noah's Ark