Logos Prayer WallsAs Pastor Polly and Donna Fung introduced last week, we will be beginning a session of Prayer Walls. Everyone is encouraged to pair up, or quad up, and pray together at least twice a month. You may choose your partner, or ask to be paired up; there is even an option to be paired with someone in another congregation! (Don't worry, communication will be taken into account when organizing). We are all encouraged as Christians to pray together and to build up our church and our spiritual identities through communication with our Creator God! Please sign up immediately if you haven't already, as we hope to hold an orientation and introduction to the exercise for all who wish to participate!

Spring Forward: This sounds like something cool and interesting, but actually it's the worst thing ever. Next Sunday please remember to set your clocks ONE HOUR FORWARD as daylight savings begins. We will still be holding service at 10:15, not 11:15!

TC'16 Still More: As March Break approaches, that means it's almost time for Teens' Conference! For those who have signed up, juniors (Gr.7-9) will be attending from March 14-15, while seniors (Gr.10-12) will have theirs on March 16-17. Please pray for the teens and leaders who will be attending, and that God will work through this conference for His glory! 

VICTORY: Each Good Friday, we gather in remembrance of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for our sins, whose victory over death grants us eternal life. This year, we will be holding our Good Friday service on March 25, 6:30p @ Oxford. Invite your friends and family to hear this life-changing message of how death begets life, and please continue to pray over this event! We will be going out for dinner together afterwards as a family.

Easter Baptism: On Easter Sunday, March 27, 4p @ Oxford, please join us as we gather together to celebrate the joyous occasion of brothers and sisters joining our family in Christ! Jesus' resurrection? Baptism? Can this day get any better? We might even have lunch at FMP! Let's all show our love and support and hear the testimony of the life-changing ways God has appeared in each candidate's life! Good luck on interviews today!


What's happening at Logos this week?
Men's Group: Thursday March 10, 7:30p @ TBA
Women's Group: Thursday March 10, 7:30p @ TBA
Numa: Bible Study Friday March 11, 8p @ Noah's Ark
Daylight Savings Begins: NEXT SUNDAY, March 13