Numa: We're going to the theatres this week! Let's meet after service TODAY (boys, please don't run away...) and decide what movie we want to watch and whether we need to get tickets ahead of time!

Fluid 2016 CalledIt's not too late to sign up if you wish to attend this young adults conference happening on March 5 @ Oakville! THAT'S NEXT SATURDAY!!! Several interested brothers and sisters will be attending, so if you wish to join them, group rates are available for 5+ attendees going together. Please enquire on the Young Adults WhatsApp chat for more information. For sign-up, please visit

SC'16: Committee members who are attending, please note that the site visit will be taking place next Saturday March 5. We will be meeting at Mohawk College @ 10a so please check the WhatsApp group chat for the carpool situation (or rather, let's begin the conversation there!).

VictoryEach Good Friday, we gather together to remember the death of Jesus Christ, whose VICTORY over death grants us eternal life. This year, we will be holding our Good Friday service on March 25 @ Oxford. Invite your friends and family to hear this life-changing message of how death begets life, and please remember to pray for this event and anyone who may attend!

Easter Baptism: Let's celebrate more brothers and sisters joining our family in Christ on Easter Sunday afternoon @ Oxford! We are all invited to attend and support one another and hear testimony of the life-changing ways God has appeared in each baptismal candidate's life!

Hillsong United Concert: We sing enough of their songs every Sunday, let's actually sing with them on Monday May 2, 7p @ the ACC! If you wish to attend this concert together, please speak to Kenny Ng

What's happening in Logos this week?
Prayer Café: Tuesday March 1, 8p @ the Lau's
Numa: Movie Night Friday March 4, TBD @ TBD (stay tuned for emails!)
Fluid 2016: Called Saturday March 5 @ Oakville
SC'16: Site Visit Saturday March 5, 10a @ Mohawk College