2015 Taxes: Please see Susan Tang for a copy of your official Logos Baptist Church donation receipt if you have used an offering envelope to tithe this year. If you do not currently have an offering number, please also speak to her to obtain one, so that a full record of your charitable donations to LBC can be kept for your tax records and the church's. 

SC'16: It's our first full committee meeting today! Please attend Rev. Lau's home @ 2:30p TODAY as we begin to pray and discuss our theme and vision for this conference. All ECDC members are invited to attend. In other news, we are still looking for volunteers! If anyone would like to help out with this conference in any way, your help or prayers would be greatly appreciated in making our annual retreat a success! Please do not hesitate to speak with Pastor Johnny, Brian Li, or Odette Chan

Fluid 2016 CalledIt's not too late to sign up if you wish to attend this young adults conference happening on March 5 @ Oakville! Several interested brothers and sisters will be attending, so if you wish to join them, group rates are available for 5+ attendees going together. Please enquire on the Young Adults WhatsApp chat for more information. For sign-up, please visit http://www.fluidgathering.com.

Hillsong United Concert: We sing enough of their songs every Sunday, let's actually sing with them on Monday May 2, 7p @ the Air Canada Centre! If you wish to attend this concert together, please speak to Kenny Ng. Tickets go on pre-sale this Wednesday.

Good Friday Service: As we begin to prepare for this event, we are still calling for volunteers! Any help and prayer along the way is greatly appreciated! Remember to pray for any friends you may wish to invite to this incredible outreach opportunity! *hint hint* 

Easter Baptism: Let's celebrate more brothers and sisters joining our family in Christ on Easter Sunday afternoon @ Oxford! We are all invited to attend and support one another and hear testimony of the life-changing ways God has appeared in each baptismal candidate's life!

What's happening in Logos this week?
Church Budget Vote: TODAY, after service
SC'16 Committee Meeting: TODAY, 2:30p @ Rev. Lau's home
Wo/Men's Groups: Thursday February 25, 7:30p @ Gens office for Men's group, Women's group TBA
Numa: Hot Pot Friday, February 26, 7:30p @ Noah's Ark