Kin Village Baskets: We have the privilege to serve our neighbors at Kin Village this Christmas! We will be preparing a Christmas Baskets for a few families. Talk to Pastor Johnny if you're interested to serve. 

Month Of Giving:  As we close off the year for our church, we pray that you'll consider tithing if you have not done so in a while. Thank you to those who have been faithfully giving to God and supporting our church. We hope you can also pray with us as we manage this shortfall.  

Leadership Retreat:    We week be having leadership retreat for all in leadership position for English congregation. For all those in leadership position, it is highly encouraged for you to attend! Please speak with Charlotte or Pastor Johnny if you are considering to join. 

Numa: Numa!!! For those attending please remember to bring a crappy Christmas gift.  

Men's Group:  We will be celebrating the end of 2 sessions of Authentic Manhood with an authentic hotpot!! All Men are welcome to join this Thursday at Clive's house!! Hope to see you there! Cost for food will be around $7-$10(So Cheap!!). BOYB. 

What's happening at Logos this week?
Men's Group: Thursday December 15, 7:30p, Clive's house!
Women's Group: Thursday December 15, 7:30p
Numa: Friday December 16, 7:30p @ 75 Oxford St., Richmond Hill