Homeless Connect: For those that signed up to volunteer at Homeless Connect, we'll be going down together on Sunday. We will also be having a debrief together as a congregation after the event at a restaurant. Please look out for a message on Facebook/Whatsapp for details. Pray that you guys will have a blessed time.

Saturday Night Alive: Because we will be serving at Homeless Connect on Sunday. Service will be held on Saturday at 75 Oxford St.! There will be food stalls after service so invite your friends! It'll be a good time! For more details, please visit our Facebook page.

Voting: As we are ending the 2 year term for the current ECDC, we will be voting today for the new ECDC, CCDC, Church Counsel, etc. Please pray earnestly for discernment from God as you make the decision for your new counsel for the next 2 years. For those that could not attend church this week, please reach out to Auntie Susan for a proxy vote.

What's happening at Logos this week?
Men's Group: Thursday October 27, 8p
Women's Group: Thursday October 27, 8p
Saturday Night Alive: Saturday October 29, 6p @ 75 Oxford St., Richmond Hill
Homeless Connect: Sunday October 30, 9:30a