Baptism: For those who are interested in baptism, classes will begin soon in preparation for an October 11 baptism ceremony. Please speak to Pastor Polly or other pastoral staff if you want to know more about baptism!

Community Dinner: For those who have a heart to serve the lower income people up north, community dinner will take place TODAY, Jul 26, 3-6p @ Newmarket. It’s a great chance to serve others alongside the Chinese congregation! Please speak to Ian Kwan for more information.

Board of the Games: Our 5-5 Outreach activity will be an epic evening, Board of the Games: Fellowship of the YorkLBC. Bring your friends, be they hobbitses or elves or dwarves or wizards or even humans, and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Oxford! Coming to the community near you on Fri, Jul 31, 7p @ Oxford.

Church Vote: Pastor Polly’s contract will end on Sept 9. The deacon board has decided to offer to her a full-time position, with a 3-year contract as a Spiritual Formation Director. There will be a general meeting on Aug 2 to discuss this motion, and we will vote on Aug 16. Please speak to pastoral staff if you have any questions regarding this important decision.

Urbana 2015: Urbana will be taking place from Dec 27-31 this year in St. Louis, Missouri. Registration is ongoing, with a discounted price available until November 10. Please speak to Pastor Polly about coupons as they may still be available. The group will be led by Pastor Freda and Ken Pui.

This Week @Logos

Community Dinner:
TODAY, 3-6p @ Newmarket
Men’s Group:
Thurs, Jul 30, 7:30p @ TBA
Women’s Group:
Thurs, Jul 30, 7:30p @ TBA
5-5: Board of the Games
Fri, Jul 31, 7p @ Oxford

Mission Trips:

Trinidad: Jul 16-28
Northern Quebec: July 24-Aug 3
Water Ambassador Canada: 1st week Aug
Experience Mission: Aug 24-Nov 6

Please keep our missionaries in prayer as they go into the world in the name of Jesus!