Community Dinner: For those who have a heart to serve others, community dinner will be taking place TODAY 3:00-6:30p @ Newmarket. Please speak to Ian Kwan for more information.

Young Couples Group: There is a meeting TODAY, 4p @ the Lau’s for all engaged, newlywed, and married couples.

Prayer Café: Our prayer meeting takes place on Tues, Apr 21, 7:30p @ the Lau’s. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to submit a prayer request via this website or by email to: We would love to pray for/with you!

Spring Conference: Join us this May as we Reset, Recharge, Refresh our relationship with God. The deadline for registration is Apr 26. Please submit your registration form if you wish to attend, even if you need to make arrangements for fees.
Fees: $100/adult (Gr.9 and above); $50/child (Gr.8 and below); $50/senior (65+). For those who are financially able to contribute beyond their required fees, please pray and consider providing financial assistance to those in need of it. Please see Frances Tom about registration and paying fees if you have not yet done so. There is also an online form available on this site.

Urbana 2015: Urbana will be taking place from Dec 27-31 this year in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information about early sign-ups, please speak to Pastor Polly about purchasing and redeeming coupons. 


This Week @Logos

SC Planning Committee Meeting:
TODAY, 2:30p @ Noah’s Ark
Community Dinner:
TODAY, 3:00p @ Newmarket
Young Couples Group:
TODAY, 4:00p @ the Lau’s
Prayer Café:
Tues, Apr 21, 7:30p @ the Lau’s
Numa: 30 Hour Famine
Fri, Apr 24, overnight @ Noah’s Ark
Young Adult’s Group: Bible Study
Sun, Apr 26, 4:00p @ Oxford