Welcome Home! To the post-secondary students who have returned from their respective campuses, welcome home! Have a safe and restful reading week!

2015 Budget: TODAY after service, we are voting on the proposed 2015 budget, which was presented and discussed two weeks ago.

Spring Camp Meeting: Reminder of this afternoon’s meeting for the previously contacted committee. We will begin at 1:30p @ Noah’s Ark. Lunch will be provided. You know who you are.

Young Careers Group: There will be an unofficial social for the new young careers group next Sun, Feb 22. Stay tuned and check your emails for time and location!

FLUID: The FLUID conference will be held in Oakville on Mar 7, which is in one month! Sign up by Tues, Feb 10 for a discounted rate of $50. Tickets are $60 at the door. Please speak to Ian Kwan if you are interested, or check out www.fluidgathering.com for more details.

Prayer Café: We will continue our video study on prayer this week. For those unable to attend, please feel free to fill out a prayer request form on this site, or just email your prayer requests to lbcyr.prayercafe@gmail.com. We would love to pray for/with you!

LLC: Classes begin Mar 8! Sign-up will start next Sun, Feb 22.