Baptism & Anniversary Celebration: You’re all invited to join us on this happy occasion! Let’s show the baptism candidates some English Congregation love on TODAY, 4p @ Oxford! Dinner will follow immediately, at 6:30p, as we celebrate our church’s 11th birthday! There will be a time of sharing and worship. Please note that there is a nominal fee for dinner: $8/adult, $5/child or senior. Please pay Odette Chan if you haven’t already yet!

Prayer Café: Please join us this week as we pray together as a community. If you can’t attend, feel free to send us any prayer requests via a form on our website,, or by email at! We would love to pray with or for you!

ECDC: Please note there is a meeting this Thurs, Oct 15, 8p @ the Wong’s.

Mission Conference: You are all invited to attend the annual Mission Conference, held this Fri, Oct 16, 7:30p @ Milliken. There will be sharing and worship as we learn about how Christ is working through churches throughout the world!

Federal Election: As the federal election approaches on Oct 19, please continue to pray for nation-wide wisdom in choosing the next Prime Minister. Understand that voting Christian doesn’t necessarily denote a particular political party, but rather understanding which policies can best protect the poor and the environment, the same way Christ loved the lowliest people and our world.

Urbana 2015: Registration is ongoing, but the discounted price is only available until November 10. The group will be led by Pastor Freda and Uncle Ken Pui.


This Week @Logos 

Baptism: TODAY, 4p @ Oxford
Anniversary Dinner: TODAY, 6:30p @ Oxford
Prayer Café: Tues, Oct 13, 7:30p @ the Lau’s
ECDC: Thurs, Oct 15, 8p @ the Wong’s
Numa: Mission Conference Fri, Oct 16, 7:30p @ Milliken
Young Adults: Mission Conference Fri, Oct 16, 7:30p @ Milliken