Tithing: Thank you for the selfless giving we experienced last week that nearly totaled $20,000. We may still be short ~$24,000 right now, but we will continue to trust in the Lord’s providence, as He has been good in the past, and pray faithfully that our hearts be generous. Although today is our last Sunday gathering of the year, the deadline to receive offerings is Dec 31. Thank you once again, church.

Volunteering Opportunity: Those who are interested in volunteering on behalf of World Vision for GKYM (Global Kingdom Young Adults Mission Conference) on Mon, Dec 29 from 3-4:30p @ Toronto Convention Centre in Mississauga, please contact Ian Kwan for more information.

Church Ski Trip: The church will be embarking on a ski trip from Dec 30-Jan 1 @ Holiday Valley in Buffalo.

Numa: There is no fellowship for the high school group this week on Jan 2.

FROW: Please consult the FB page. You will be deciding democratically whether there will be a gathering for Jan 2.

Baptism: For those of you who are considering dedicating your life to Jesus, we will be holding the next baptism during Easter on Apr 5. Please see a pastoral staff member to discuss this important decision.