Baptism: For those of you who are considering dedicating your life to Jesus, we will be holding the next baptism during Easter on Apr 5. Deadline for applications this year will be Feb 8. Please see a pastoral staff member to discuss this important decision if you are interested.

Young Family Group: We invite you to join today’s meeting of the Young Family Group if you: are engaged or newlywed, have a couple years of marriage under your belt, or have had way more anniversaries than you would care to share. Come and support each other in our walks with God within the context of a marriage.

FROW: This week FROW will be holding a bible study on self-worth and learning to love ourselves by truly understanding what Christ has done for us. Let’s explore together just what the word of God has to say about finding value in ourselves.

Men & Women’s Groups: After our winter hiatuses, we are back on track this week with our respective support groups. Feel free to join together in fellowship and support each other in becoming godly men and women.

Prayer: In this new year, we encourage you to take your prayer game to the next level. For those unable to attend our prayer cafés, feel free to fill out a prayer request form on this website, or email all prayer requests to: We would love to pray for/with you!