Prayer Café: A reminder that Prayer Café will now be held at the Lau’s residence for the foreseeable future. Please do not show up at CC.

Gr.12 Group: There will be a meeting for Gr. 12 group this Fri, Oct 10, 6:00p @ Oxford.

Baptism: This year’s Thanksgiving baptism will be held next Sun, Oct 12, 4:00p @ Oxford. Please come join us on this joyous occasion! For more information, please check out our Events page.

10th Anniversary Dinner: Our 10th anniversary dinner will be held at Diamond Banquet Hall after baptism next Sun, Oct 12. Those attendees who are willing to help and are available, Uncle Dennis is looking for some AV helpers. For those who have registered but not yet paid, please do so ASAP. For more information, please check out the Events page.

Mission Conference: This year’s mission conference will be held on Fri, Oct. 24, 8p @ Milliken.