Announcements for Sunday December 31 2017

  1. Joint service with communion for Sunday January 7, followed joint prayer meeting
  2. Community dinner in Newmarket Sunday January 7, sign up with Ian or Josephine Kwan
  3. Prayer meeting for next generation in Cantonese Wednesday January 3, contact uncle Albert Leung

Announcements For Week Of December 11 2016

Kin Village Baskets: We have the privilege to serve our neighbors at Kin Village this Christmas! We will be preparing a Christmas Baskets for a few families. Talk to Pastor Johnny if you're interested to serve. 

Month Of Giving:  As we close off the year for our church, we pray that you'll consider tithing if you have not done so in a while. Thank you to those who have been faithfully giving to God and supporting our church. We hope you can also pray with us as we manage this shortfall.  

Leadership Retreat:    We week be having leadership retreat for all in leadership position for English congregation. For all those in leadership position, it is highly encouraged for you to attend! Please speak with Charlotte or Pastor Johnny if you are considering to join. 

Numa: Numa!!! For those attending please remember to bring a crappy Christmas gift.  

Men's Group:  We will be celebrating the end of 2 sessions of Authentic Manhood with an authentic hotpot!! All Men are welcome to join this Thursday at Clive's house!! Hope to see you there! Cost for food will be around $7-$10(So Cheap!!). BOYB. 

What's happening at Logos this week?
Men's Group: Thursday December 15, 7:30p, Clive's house!
Women's Group: Thursday December 15, 7:30p
Numa: Friday December 16, 7:30p @ 75 Oxford St., Richmond Hill

Announcements For Sunday October 23 2016


Homeless Connect: For those that signed up to volunteer at Homeless Connect, we'll be going down together on Sunday. We will also be having a debrief together as a congregation after the event at a restaurant. Please look out for a message on Facebook/Whatsapp for details. Pray that you guys will have a blessed time.

Saturday Night Alive: Because we will be serving at Homeless Connect on Sunday. Service will be held on Saturday at 75 Oxford St.! There will be food stalls after service so invite your friends! It'll be a good time! For more details, please visit our Facebook page.

Voting: As we are ending the 2 year term for the current ECDC, we will be voting today for the new ECDC, CCDC, Church Counsel, etc. Please pray earnestly for discernment from God as you make the decision for your new counsel for the next 2 years. For those that could not attend church this week, please reach out to Auntie Susan for a proxy vote.

What's happening at Logos this week?
Men's Group: Thursday October 27, 8p
Women's Group: Thursday October 27, 8p
Saturday Night Alive: Saturday October 29, 6p @ 75 Oxford St., Richmond Hill
Homeless Connect: Sunday October 30, 9:30a


Announcements for Sunday September 25 2016

Church Anniversary Celebrations: On October 2, we will be having a Church Anniversary celebration! As we have a time of baptism! a delicious dinner! a secret angel! 

First, we encourage you all to continue nominating a Secret Angel, someone you think serves our church in the background and never asks for recognition. We would like to take this opportunity to give them some appreciation and thanks!

Next, please sign up ASAP with Odette if you will be eating dinner with us that night. There will be good food and fun times to celebrate our church's birthday together!

Finally, please speak to Donna if you would like to participate in a video for this celebration! All we ask is that you tell us what Logos as a church has done for you throughout all these years, and how you feel about it!

Genuine & Leanne: If you would like to pray for Leanne and Genuine and their baby, Miles, please visit their website to receive updates and journey with this in this time.

Saturday Night Alive: As we have mentioned before, this will be our Saturday night service in place of Sunday in the last week of October, the weekend of Homeless Connect. Not only are you encouraged to attend as our regular church service, we would like to encourage you to invite friends as well! Finally, we are still calling for volunteers to help with the night, including preparing for the food and activity booths, manning them, and set up and take down. Please speak to Steph if you are able to help out!

What's happening at Logos this week?

Men's Group: Thursday September 29, 8p

Women's Group: Thursday September 29, 8p

Numa: Friday September 30, TBD

Church Anniversary Celebration: Sunday October 2!